Study Groups

There are three study groups available. Each group totals 9 hours of class time per week, for a monthly total of 36 hours of study.


  • Study Group One is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 9am to 12 noon.
  • Study Group Two is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 2pm to to 5pm.
  • Study Group Three is Thursday and Friday afternoons from 1:30pm to 6pm.

Each study group is limited to six students so individual attention can be given to each person.

Minimum enrollment is 36 hours of class time. Normally, this involves a commitment to one month of enrollment. This minimum can be condensed by enrolling in two study groups over a period of two weeks instead.


  • $380 U.S.D. for foreign nationals
  • $2,800 M.X.P. for Mexican nationals with voter credential

In both cases, this covers 36 hours of intensive instruction. Not included is the cost of silver and stones.

Sterling Quest recycles all silver and scrap in order to keep costs low. All necessary tools and equipment are provided in the studio. Students may bring their own hand tools if desired. They are responsible for their tools while in the studio.

Under normal circumstances, enrollment is limited to two study groups per month. However, under special circumstances and with the agreement of the Director, all three study groups may be taken at the same time.

There is an independent study lab where students may practice their new skills outside of class time. This reinforces the learning process greatly. After all, the students need to feel confident in their ability to work without constant guidance from an instructor.

Silver & Stones

Both are easily purchased in San Miguel de Allende. For the studentsĀ“convenience, vendors come to the classroom three times a week, selling quality stones and silver at reduced cost. A wider selection of stones is available in the nearby city of Queretaro, 1 1/2 hours away by bus or car.

Recycled Silver

Where does recycled silver come from?

  • Each liter of used photographic emulsion renders 1.5 grams of silver
  • Each kilogram of used radiographic plates renders 8 grams of silver
  • Each kilogram of used lithographic film (from newspapers & magazines, etc.) renders 10 grams of silver.

The silver vendor comes every friday afternoon. He has a wide selection of materials in high quality silver.

There is no waste of silver other than sawdust and file-dust. Students are instructed in recycling all scrap silver into reusable materials.