Welcome to Sterling Quest School of Silver Jewelry Design and Creation. We are located in the famous art colony of San Miguel de Allende, situated in the high central plain of Mexico. As there is no industry to speak of in San Miguel, we enjoy an ambient/atmosphere virtually free of industrial and visual pollution. The combination of sub-tropical desert and an altitude of over 6000 feet gives us an almost humidity-free, spring-like weather pattern which is fresh and clean all year round.

In downtown San Miguel you will encounter shops ranging from regional crafts to high fashion, and everything in between. The well established art scene can be found in many galleries that feature works from the large student population and well known artists from all over the world. The relaxed atmosphere and magnificent colonial architecture tend to bring out the more creative and artistic elements in most visitors. The availability of experienced instruction in most traditional media coupled with the general surroundings make San Miguel a place where creative dreams can and do fulfill themselves. The area has long been a mining region where silver production was of great importance. To this day you will find examples of traditional silver jewelry made by the old families of colonial San Miguel still being offered in the family shops.

We at Sterling Quest are sure that you will also find something here that perhaps you have been seeking.

Most people do.